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4 Benefits of Dental Scaling

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Langtree Dental Associates
4 Benefits of Dental ScalingScaling is the procedure of scraping away the plaque buildup in your teeth. It is a method of deep cleaning, which is often done along with root planning.

The gums are often numbed prior to the process, so that the patient does not experience any pain. A special scraper is used to remove debris from your teeth. If there is a need to remove larger pieces, an ultrasound tool may be used as well.

Scaling is used for both preventing and treating a dental condition. Here are 4 main benefits of dental scaling:

Brightens Teeth

Calculus buildup on your teeth over time can give them a yellow appearance. Stains on your teeth can also be a result of daily habits such as smoking or drinking coffee, tea or wine. Scaling and cleaning eradicate hardened calculus by lifting stains and polishing your teeth.

Eliminates Bad Breath

Good oral hygiene habits such as brushing or flossing regularly can be effective for preventing bad breath, but in some cases, they prove to be insufficient. Underlying issues such as tartar buildup can lead to bad breath, which can't be cured by simply taking care of your mouth. Scaling removes this from your gum line and restores fresh breath.

Prevents Gum Disease

Plaque buildup can decay your teeth and damage your gum line if it accumulates below it. In case plaque is not removed in a timely manner, it can harden into tartar, which can trap bacteria and cause disease. Gum disease may eventually lead to tooth loss. Regular scaling helps get rid of plaque and ensures good oral health.

Saves Money

People tend to avoid scaling to save money. However, the cost of getting your teeth cleaned is much less than restorative treatments in case of a cavity or gum disease. Regular scaling can help you avoid unpleasant and expensive dental procedures in the future.

Professional scaling is an easy and painless way of maintaining teeth and gum health. If you are considering dental treatment, schedule an appointment with us at Langtree Dental Associates by giving us a call us at (704) 672-0477 today.
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