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How to Protect Your Smile from Harsh Winds

Posted on 9/30/2019 by Aghera
How to Protect Your Smile from Harsh Winds The wind is something that we think about messing up our hair or taking away our breath, but did you know, it can also cause some people discomfort with their teeth? When the wind blows, this can cause the teeth to become more sensitive than they would on a nice, warm day. Do not allow the teeth to feel such discomfort when you smile. Make sure to find out ways from our office on how to feel more comfortable and smile with more ease.

Smiling When it is Windy Shouldn't be an Issue

When the wind blows, you want to be outside, allowing yourself to enjoy the nice weather. If you have sensitive teeth, it is recommended that you visit our office so we can speak with you about dental options and treatments that you have for this.

Some other recommendations are using toothpaste for sensitive teeth or protecting your mouth with a scarf or other covering when it is windy. Being mindful of the sensitivity that you experience is important, as you want to ensure that you are able to enjoy the weather without any discomfort. Some people can cover their noses, as this can cause the teeth to become pained, especially when the wind is cold. When this is the case, wearing a hat and covering the face is highly recommended, especially during the colder winter months.

Speak with our dentist today to find out how we are able to provide the help needed, so you can ensure that your smile is whiter, brighter, and ready to take on any winds around you. We know that your smile is important to you, and it shouldn't cause you any pain. If it does, this is when you should give our office a call so we can assess the situation.
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